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The Last Major Game Changer: The Light Bulb



The future Fusion brings

The modern 1880's

Occasionally through history, introduction of game changing technologies brought quantum leaps to civilization.  The fashionable, high technology modern world of the 1880s was dominated with steam power, kerosene, whale oil, and candle illumination.  High speed trains and passenger ships allowed circumnavigation of the globe in only 80 days.

Edison invented the electric lamp in 1879.  Some prominent scientific leaders felt that it would never amount to much.  But the light bulb changed the world in ways unimagined back then.  Ironically, the lowly taken for granted lightbulb is more responsible for our modern society than most people understand.

Early light bulbs were frail and plagued with operational difficulties.  In 1883 Edison discovered current flowing between an incandescent filament and an enclosed element, calling it the Edison effect.  Twenty one years later Sir John Fleming used this Edison effect to form the first radio tube, the Fleming oscillation valve.  Two years later, Lee de Forest added another element making the first electronic amplifier in history.

Humanity took a huge quantum leap, going from electricity electronics.  We went from the age of steam to the age of electronics.  Common things today would've been unimaginable 135 years ago.  Around the world in 90 minutes.  Jet travel. Space travel.  Advanced communications and medicine.  All dependent on electronics.  And electronics stands on the lowly lightbulb of 1879.  Few then and today realize the staggering game changer that the lowly, ubiquitous lightbulb represents.

The quantum leap fusion power brings will change our world even more over the next hundred years than the change the lightbulb brought over the last hundred and thirty five years, seemingly unimaginable, impossible changes.  Unlimited, sustainable, clean energy.  Clean fresh water.  Carbon dioxide recycling.  Elimination of radioactive wastes.  Recycling and re-mediation of all wastes.  Environmentally friendly transportation.  Rapid solar system and interstellar spaceflight.  Please watch our videos on these topics.

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