Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawaii is a grassroots company focusing on our goal and mission of clean, sustainable, and primary energy source for humanity. Our future is dependent on sufficient primary energy; this is of utmost importance. We are doing this for the survivability of humanity and we need to bring mankind in balance with the environment. We currently use more energy from the environment than is recovered by plants from the sun, our primary energy source. We have thrown the energy balance off and the time has come for energy harmony with our environment. We need to a establish clean energy source rather than continuing to draw down earth's energy reserves. Primary energy sources here on earth will fix pollution, radioactive waste, global warming, global energy crisis and create alternative energy technologies. We will bring microscopic suns here to earth as primary energy sources. This will be the first successful significant application of bringing an efficient, high power gain primary energy source to earth.

Fusion changes matter into energy.

The DeLuze Fusion Reactors promise to be the first primary energy source with significant power gain and continuous sustainable operation. All previous attempts of fusion have consumed more energy than produced. This is a problem and we have the answer. We claim our reactors will have significant power gain of possibly orders of magnitude greater than all previous approaches. 

Dr. James robert Deluze, DO. BA

After discovery of this new fusion process, he spent over 14 years prosecuting it to a patent. He is the inventor and patent holder of an concentric alternating current particle accelerator for purposes of fusion reactions. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawaii.

Dr. John Charles Wiltshire, Ph.D. B.Sc.

In 1986, he joined the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL) as a senior researcher. He is now Director of HURL, NOAA’s Undersea Research Center for Hawaii and the Western Pacific. He is also presently Associate Chairman of the University of Hawaii's Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering. Wiltshire has authored over 90 scientific papers on ocean resources, marine technology, energy and sustainable development.  Dr Wilshire is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawaii.

Dr. Tep Dobry, Ph.D, PH.D. BS.

Currently Director of Academic Affairs (2004-present) and Interim University of Hawaii at Manoa and faculty Department of Electrical Engineering (1989-present).  Previously Vice President of Engineering, Xenologic Inc. Newark,Ca. (1985-1988), and officer in US Navy Nuclear Power Program and Submarine Service (1975-1980). Dr.Dobry is the Chief Engineering Officer (CEO) of Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawaii.

DR.Gary Michael MCMurtry, PH.D. BS

Dr.Mcmurtry is a professor of Oceanography and a science program director of the NOAA National Underwater Research program at UH. He is a reviewer of scientific and instrument development proposals to the United Kingdom, French and German governments. He is the Chief Science Officer of Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawaii.

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Innovation in 1998, Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawaii was the result of a truthfully amazing idea on the Island of Oahu. Let us help you discover Fusion, its importance for humanity and its significant power gain. From watching our animations/videos, to reading our papers and presentations, to contacting us; we're here to connect you with primary energy. Mahalo for your time.

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